About Us

Today’s evolving business environment means client demand for communications and lobbying skills is increasingly focussed on achieving specific outcomes aligned to strategic business initiatives.

Boag Allan SvG

Boag Allan SvG is a strategic communications consultancy specifically structured to help companies and organisations to achieve key outcomes which are vital to their business.

In a small country like New Zealand, it is essential to have a keen knowledge of the influences that impact on business and organisations – whether they be central or local government, media or public and interest groups.

The extensive networks of the three principals of Boag Allan SvG and their combined expertise of over a century in the public affairs and communications industry means we are well placed to assist companies and organisations with their critical business issues.

Collaborative Approach

Frequently, no single discipline can deliver the outcome a client seeks – rather it is a matter of defining a coherent overarching strategy and having it executed by a team of handpicked specialists, working at the most senior levels. At Boag Allan SvG we work collaboratively with specialists in the legal, financial, environmental, iwi and community engagement sectors when the client’s best interests dictate that this approach is appropriate.

Our chosen operating model has a clear market demand, where clients benefit from close interaction with the senior principals, and where we hand-pick other consultants and specialists to work with us on particular assignments and contribute their unique set of skills. In doing so, we are open to working collaboratively with others in the communications field.